Business Centers

A secure and well appointed business center is an expectation when a guest chooses your hotel. Your guests deserve a user-friendly, safe and trustworthy business center to assist with all of their business and leisure needs.

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With a variety of hardware and software options, SurferQuest™’s Business Center software is the ideal solution for any public computer space.

SurferQuest™ products are committed to your guest’s satisfaction and protecting your systems from viruses and spyware. Your users are safe from identity theft and data harvesting. With SQ™’s no maintenance solutions, your IT staff will be free to focus on other important tasks.

A variety of additional applications are available to compliment your business center software, such as boarding pass printing and browser content filtering.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface allowing quick and easy navigation
  • Provide desk top and web access
  • Security features guard against hackers and viruses
  • No on-site IT maintenance required
  • No on-site server required
  • Live 24/7 staff and guest support
  • End Session protection restores computer to original state after each use


SurferQuest BASIC

SurferQuest Basic provides complimentary computer access for your guests. The software prevents access to the computer’s settings and control panel, and returns the machine to default settings after each session. SQ protects your guest by removing left over content such as passwords, credit cards and other important personal information. Customize the interface to suit your brand, while providing a maintenance free solution without the cost of a manned business center.

SurferQuest TIME

SurferQuest Time contains all of the security and maintenance free features of SQ Basic, with sessions that can be set for predetermined limits. Offer complimentary access in sessions of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

SurferQuest CHARGE

SurferQuest Charge provides computer access for your guests at a rate that you set. SurferQuest Charge has the same security features as SurferQuest Basic and SurferQuest Time, keeping your machines safe and maintenance free. You can choose to accept credit cards as payment, or offer access cards in paper or plastic, branded with your logo of choice or graphic.

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